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Thanks for visiting MyBigStudio. My name is Jodi, an artist, designer, chef and 'maker' looking for another creative outlet to focus on the things I’m passionate about. I lived in the SF Bay Area most of my life and traveled the globe. I decided to slow things down and focus on ways to make our footprint on this planet smaller while helping others do the same. My partner and I are building (literally) our house, design studio and workshop while entertaining our pets in a tiny space in the middle of our construction project. I hope you enjoy this journey with us. We try to laugh everyday at ourselves and the situation, all while in the middle of a pandemic...


Stay tuned for stainable, creative products and content. If you are interested in partnering with One Big Studio or MyBigStudio, please reach out at Our online shops are coming soon and I am always looking for interesting and creative ways to collaborate with like-minded individuals, makers and small business owners. 

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