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Gallery offers a blend of coastal living and the hygge* lifestyle. You will find a rotation of artist's works, vintage oils, maritime gifts, foreign vintage textiles, vintage furnishings and a great selection of our own unique and special collections. 



Curated Home & Gifts 
We curate a selection of home
decor and personal gifts
 from vendors
and artisans around the world that are unique, stylish, and personalized to you.


Design Inspiration
Sharing the latest tips, trends, and curated finds in our shop and blog to help you transform your home and wellness into a haven that is truly unique to you. 

La Maison Blanc is One Big Studio's modern interpretation of a traditional arts and crafts fair. A workshop creating a wide range of unique products for the home and person. 

Our hope to introduce and support amazing artists and designers through a love of craft and good design, emphasis on sustainability. 


One Big Studio is proud to offer design, decorating and styling services to clients online or in our studio in Ashland, Oregon. Services range from assistance with furniture and accessory selections to design for full-scale renovations or new builds.

To learn more, please email,
for detailed information regarding our services, process, and more.

E-Design Services
Our E-Design Services are perfect for a design devotee versed in interior design, but just needs a bit of inspiration. After walking through your space, virtually or in-person, we'll create a mood board with our suggestions (ie. furniture, lighting, etc.), and provide a detailed spreadsheet with sourcing information.


Hourly Design Services
Our Hourly Design Services are best suited for clients needing more ongoing, interactive assistance. From sourcing new items to styling and redecorating existing spaces to helping with material selections for renovations and new builds, we'll work to ensure your home fits your lifestyle, decor, and budgetary needs.

Homestead Supply CO.



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Thank you for visiting. This has been a long time coming and very much a labor of love bringing these pop-up artwork, design and contributing artists and makers together. We hope you appreciate our love of style, design, interiors and the environment. Collectively we hope to bring you a one-of-a-kind shop that introduces you to some amazing artists, craftsmanship and style. We will have a few product lines launching in 2023.

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Hello friends,

A lifetime interested in art, food, design and architecture, I am happy to announce we will be producing our own product lines as well as featuring outstanding makers and artists. Creating and collaborating with a strong focus on design, sustainability and educational content. The hope is no matter how small we can all do our part. Stay connected for updates and we hope to see you soon. 


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