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Creative Convergence


Out of clutter,
find simplicity.

Great design and effective communication are key ingredients for improving our lives and the world around us.
While technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it has also made it difficult to standout from the crowd. One Big Studio is a lean, agile and effective design studio for branding, packaging and introducing makers/artisan's products. A network of of thinkers, storytellers, and designers on a mission to solve design challenges. Together we create solutions based on fresh insights, bold ideas and brilliant creativity. Together we are talented enough to be effective and small enough to care. 

Being a brand that people love today means continuously engaging your customers across touch-points with carefully crafted content and experiences—anytime, anywhere.
We are your integrated brand partner. From building your brand
from the ground up to keep it going (and growing).

Brand Strategy
Brand Analysis & Research
Brand Positioning
Brand Narratives and Stories
Brand Architecture

Brand Identity
Visual Identity Systems
Logo Development
Brand Guidelines
Interaction Design

Brand Execution
Web Design



Thank you for visiting. This has been a long time coming and very much a labor of love bringing these pop-up artwork, design and contributing artists and makers together. We hope you appreciate our love of style, design, interiors and the environment. Collectively we hope to bring you a one-of-a-kind shop that introduces you to some amazing artists, craftsmanship and style. 

For updates follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Blog. We will have a few product lines launching late in the fall.


Hello friends,

A lifetime interested in art, food, design and architecture, I am happy to announce we will be producing our own product lines as well as featuring outstanding makers and artists. Creating and collaborating with a strong focus on design, sustainability and educational content. The hope is no matter how small we can all do our part. Stay connected for updates and we hope to see you soon. 


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